Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FT500 (lets hang thousands of $'s of parts on a $500.00 bike)

The ft500 ascot with all of its cosmetic and starter problems can still can be a very attractive bike, so I got my hands on one and went to work.

First, get rid of the GOD DAM head light and clocks, ( YUK, who's idea was that ).have never liked the square headlight bucket, plus the stuff on the ascot is way to pronounced, if they had mounted them just a little lower it may have sold better. this one will get a standard 7" black bucket, ( I think the nt650 bucket would make a nice donor ).

Now on to the wheels and other funky 80's Honda suspension stuff. I started with fork's and wheel set off a ATK 605, ( I will be not using them on the finished bike as they have since been sold ).

The exhaust will be the PB Cycle Works FT head pipe that I have put together and hope will work well, ( not tested just yet ).
Exhaust exit will be left side hi, ( just to get on the nerves of the flat track purist ). A round aluminum can will end the hole mess.

Stay tuned for more fun and butchery!!!!

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