Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of our customers brought us his somewhat neglected 71 cb175, having just retired his SV650 he needed something els to race.
Let the fun begin!!
Right out of the box it was a runner, so that end was taken care of for now. We stared with new rims and tires,(who needs the old heavy steel rims anyway), new aluminum rims and Bridgestone BT-39. We are after all building a race bike, gone with the stock seat, wiring harness and bars, now fitted with some of our buddy Bret Edwards Body work,(Glass From The Past),Belly pan, seat pan and Dunstal fairing. The bike now sports our fairing stay and seat riser. We are getting somewhere now. The stock exhaust is HEAVY and just will not do, so on to the pipe. He was just a little worried about having his leg burn so we we set him up with a dashing new big breathing 2:2 low pipes, these are tucked in tight and clean behind Motobits rear sets to maximize ground clearance and minimize crash exposure.
A fine start to a good race bike. Stay tuned for more of this bike as we will be posting more photos as the build continues this winter, as for now, well he is off to the track, and thats what we like.

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